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What does the works for a kitchen replacement include?

The works include new kitchen wall and base units and worktops with choice of 3 colours, new kitchen sink and mixer tap (both hot and cold water can be drawn at the same time), wall tiling between the base and wall units, new vinyl floor covering with choice of 3 colours, new extractor fan or cooker hood, re-plaster of entire kitchen, paint to walls, ceiling and woodwork and rewiring of sockets and lights with choice of 2 light fittings for kitchen ceiling.

What does the works for a bathroom replacement include?

The works include new white sanitary goods, bath with electric shower fitted and bath screen, wash hand basin and toilet. We require instruction from Housing Executive to install a level access shower. Works also include new taps, vinyl floor covering with choice of 3 colours, wall tiling with choice of 3 colours, new extractor fan and rewiring with new light fitting installed.

Is any other work included in the programme?

Following a technical survey which is carried out by our design and survey team the electric wiring of your entire home will be checked. If you decide you would like electric fixtures and fittings upgraded this work can be carried out at the same time as your new kitchen and/or bathroom installation. Please note that Peter O’Hare Limited do not redecorate any other area of the house other than kitchen and/or bathroom if you choose to have this work done. This can be discussed in detail at the 1:1 tenant consultation which is carried out by our Customer Liaison Officer. Further information on redecoration grants can be obtained from your Housing Officer.

What if I decide that I don’t want works to be carried out?

This can be discussed with your Housing Officer who will inform us that you wish to opt out of the programme.

When will I know when work starts?

You will receive a letter from Housing Executive to inform that you are to have a kitchen and/or bathroom replacement. We provide drop in sessions in the local area which you can attend. Here you can meet the Customer Liaison Officer and Tenant Liaison Officers from Peter O’Hare Limited and relevant Housing Officers for your area. You can view samples of worktop and unit colours, handles, wall tile choices for kitchen and bathroom and vinyl floor covering colours for kitchen and bathroom. This session will provide an opportunity to discuss any concerns or previous experiences.

A technical survey of your kitchen and/or bathroom is also carried out by a representative from our design and survey team to establish what works need to be carried out. They will look at your kitchen and/or bathroom layout and make note of radiator positions, gas boiler and window positions.
Following this, our Customer Liaison Officers carry out 1:1 tenant consultations in your home to explain your new kitchen and/or bathroom design. At this consultation you can finalise your colour choices for kitchen units, worktops and handles and kitchen and bathroom wall tiles and floor coverings. At these sessions we take note of what appliances you have in your kitchen. It is necessary to inform our company representative if you are planning to purchase new appliances e.g. cooker, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, tumble dryer, washing machine. We will explain the programme of works and how long the works will approximately take.
You will then receive a letter 2 weeks before the works is due to take plac

How do I know if people who call to my home to carry out consultations and surveys are from your company?

All employees from Peter O’Hare Limited carry identification at all times which has a Freephone Number 08000858506 on badge. If you have doubts about someone calling contact the Freephone number and we can confirm if the person is genuine.

What if I miss an appointment when technical survey or 1:1 consultation is carried out?

We will leave a letter with company details and contact telephone number. It is your responsibility to make contact with that representative as soon as possible so that we can arrange a new date and time.
If contact is not made it can result in delay or cancellation of the kitchen and/or bathroom replacement.

What if I decide that I want a tiled floor covering in my kitchen and/or bathroom?

You have the option to carry out this work yourself however this would be your own private arrangement that can be carried out after Peter O’Hare Limited have completed all works and a Final Inspection has taken place.

What if I wish to keep my current fittings e.g. lights, heated towel rail?

You can keep your own current fittings however Peter O’Hare Limited cannot replace these after the works. You will need to make other arrangements if you wish them installed in your new kitchen and/or bathroom after a Final inspection takes place.
Can I change the design of my kitchen and/or bathroom?

You will be provided with a plan of your new layout and colour choices and sign to confirm you are happy with it. After your new layout is approved by the Housing Executive your kitchen is manufactured and it is unlikely that the design can be changed.
Please let the kitchen designer know if you are thinking about buying any new appliances such as a cooker, fridge or freezer and they can take this into consideration when planning your kitchen.

How long will the work take?

The works will expect to take 10-12 working days from start to completion including snagging. The daily programme entails:
Day 1: Stripping wall tiles, floor coverings and wallpaper in kitchen and/or bathroom and removing kitchen units/worktops
Day 2: Remove Bathroom sanitary ware and change single sockets to double sockets in all rooms (if this option is chosen)
Rewiring kitchen and 1st fix plumbing
Day 3: Board and re-plaster kitchen and/or bathroom
Day 4: Install and fit new kitchen worktops and units and fit bathroom sanitary ware
Day 5: Wall Tiling to kitchen and/or bathroom and level floors
Day 6: Renew all electrics and 2nd fix electrical and light fittings
Day 7&8: Vinyl floor coverings to kitchen and/or bathroom
Day 9: 2nd Fix Plumbing
Day 10 & 11: Painting* Painting sometimes has to be delayed for an extra few days as it can only be done when plaster is completely dried out.

What time does work start each day?

Work commences at 8 a.m. each morning and finishes at 5 p.m. As the programme progresses we will not be in your home for that entire duration each day but will require access between these times each day.

Do I need to take off work?

At consultation stage you can discuss this with our Customer Liaison Officer. You can stay in your home during the works but if you would prefer not to take time off work you can make arrangements with site supervisor so they know how to gain access when you are not there. You will be provided with contact details for who the Site Supervisor will be. We will need access to your home after works are complete so a Final Inspection can be carried out.

Do I need to move out?

No, You can stay in your home throughout the duration of works however you will have no access to kitchen and/or bathroom facilities on the days that your current kitchen and/or bathroom is being removed. It is important to bear in mind that the electric and water supply will be switched off at certain times.

Do I need to move the contents of my kitchen and/or bathroom during works?

It is necessary that the entire contents of your kitchen and/or bathroom are removed in preparation for fitting of new kitchen and bathroom e.g. all furniture, appliances, blinds, curtains, light fittings, food, cutlery and personal belongings in the vicinity of the kitchen and bathroom. Peter O’Hare Limited will provide assistance to move heavy items that have been cleared out. If your home is being rewired it will be necessary to protect items e.g. furniture, electric appliances, delicate ornaments and move furniture away from sockets in walls in every room in the house. It is the tenant’s responsibility to remove and protect all items to avoid accidental damage. Peter O’Hare Limited will protect your belongings and floor coverings as much as possible using clean dustsheets. However there will be a degree of dust and general mess whilst the works are being carried out.

Who puts appliances back into my kitchen after the works?

Peter O’Hare Limited will refit the electrical appliances such as your cooker, fridge, washing machine that were on the design agreed with you and our designer.

Can I use my kitchen and/or bathroom in the evening times?

Peter O’Hare Limited will ensure that temporary cooking and washing facilities are available to use at the end of each working day if required. Your cooker and washing machine will not be reconnected until all works are complete.

Will my indoor pets be OK to stay in the house?

Peter O’Hare Limited employees will be coming in and out of your home each day. Pets cannot be in kitchen and/or bathroom or in garden/yard where workers will be gaining access. Therefore it is imperative that your pet is supervised at all times in a separate room in the house. There will be an element of noise during the works so if possible it may be best to make alternative arrangements for your pets if you think they may react to this noise.

What if I encounter any problems with works 6 months after Final Inspection?

If there are any issues in the first 12 months after works you should report this to our Customer Liaison Officer. If you experience any problem after the 12 month warranty period you should contact your Housing Officer.

What if I am not satisfied with elements of the work?

We strive to provide a high quality service however sometimes we may not get it right for every person. If you are not satisfied with work we have carried out you can call our Freephone number 08000858506 and speak with our Customer Liaison Officer. Alternatively you can also make a complaint by writing to us or sending an e-mail and we will respond within 5 working days to rectify the problem.